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Salesforce Self Implementation Gotchas

We have a number of customers that implemented Salesforce themselves. To be transparent, my first encounter with Salesforce was to implement it myself,…
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Why Duet Display may save my iPad

Today I've pre-ordered a Surface Book. I originally chose a Surface Pro 4 but after comparing both at a Microsoft Store outside Houston…
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Highlights of the Dreamforce 2016 Product Announcements

Whilst the annual fun and excitement of Dreamforce was in full swing I was sat in the office trying to quickly assimilate as…
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Albert Einstein

What we know about Salesforce Einstein

We now know the big product announcement at next month's Dreamforce will be "Einstein". This has been the culmination of internal development projects…
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Using Person Accounts in Salesforce

Person accounts in Salesforce are a business to consumer solution for customers who sell to large numbers of individuals. Standard Salesforce functionality has…
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Salesforce to buy Coolan

Salesforce are buying Coolan. Nothing for us feature/function nerds to get too excited about as Coolan writes software that optimises data center infrastructures.…
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Salesforce Usability

  Whenever we speak to people about why their business systems aren't successful, usability is always in the top 3 reasons. The other…
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Salesforce Dirty Data

Data Cleaning in Salesforce

If you have a list of "bad things to avoid with my Salesforce investment" then dirty data should be in the top 3.…
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Connect Your WordPress Website to Salesforce

If you're a Salesforce user with a Wordpress website connecting the two is ridiculously easy. There are many Wordpress plug-ins, we're going to…
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Salesforce Competitors Catching Up?

An interesting piece of research from the Synergy Research Group reports SaaS Enterprise spending growing with the market expected to triple in 5 years.…
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Why We Use Agile Development