Web Apps

Rapid Development of Web Apps

Web applications allow you to have the benefits of custom software without the headache of deployment or upgrades. Users just need web browsers on the PC’s or mobile devices to access the application so deployment and usage is easy. Our customers generally use Web Apps to replace broken business processes that are heavily reliant on office productivity tools such as email and spreadsheets. Custom web apps allow them to build business process logic alongside data center resilience into daily operations, avoiding the mistakes that inevitably occur with a heavy reliance on office productivity software.

We develop web apps using the latest Microsoft .Net tools and host the applications in world class data centres for maximum uptime, security and resilience. By using the correct technologies and data centre environment our users can easily develop mobile solutions based on their web apps or integrate to other applications and environments.

Agile development methodologies mean multi-phase projects with many incremental benefits throughout keeping your organisation engaged with resulting feedback loops to ensure subsequent project phases are more and more efficient.