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Salesforce Winter 18 Features

Sales Leads: Speed Through Lead Conversions with Added Flexibility

At last! A new lead conversion process which matches leads with contacts and accounts already in Salesforce. At the same time, reps create an opportunity or select one already in the works.  This change applies to Lightning Experience only. Users can now:

  • Create an account, contact, and opportunity from the lead data with a single click
  • Update the values provided from the lead for each new record
  • Choose the record types
  • Relate the lead to existing account, contact, and opportunity records matched to the lead using your duplicate management rules
  • View details of the matched records
  • Search for more records to relate to the lead
  • Create a follow-up task
W18 Lead Conversion.png

Accounts: Easier Setup of Person Accounts

An automated process now checks whether your org meets the requirements for using Person Accounts.

The requirements are:

  • At least one record type for accounts.
  • Users that have read permission on accounts have read permission on contacts.
  • Organization-wide default sharing is set so that Contact is Controlled by Parent or Account and Contact is Private.

From Setup, enter Account Settings in the Quick Find box, and then select Allow Customer Support to enable Person Accounts.

After Salesforce confirm that your org is ready for Person Accounts, we’ll send an email with additional information about logging a Support case.

W18 Account Settings.png

Accounts: Merge Person Accounts in Lightning Experience

Sales reps can now view duplicates on person accounts in Lightning Experience just as they can on business accounts, contacts, and leads. Users with permission can merge person accounts, too.

Accounts: Share Business Contacts Manually in Orgs That Use Person Accounts (Generally Available)

The ability to modify the Organization-Wide Sharing Default for Contacts, allowing you to share business contacts, including the ability to define contact sharing rules and manually share business contacts.

Opportunities: Opportunity Teams, Opportunity Products (Lightning Only)

You can now add an entire opportunity team in fewer clicks. Prompting users to add products immediately when they create or clone an opportunity.

Add Opportunity Team Members Faster

Your sales reps can add multiple members of an opportunity team on one page. These changes apply to Lightning Experience only.

W18 Add Opp Team Members.png

Prompt Users to Add Products to Opportunities

Salesforce can now prompt sales reps to add products to new or cloned opportunities. This need to be activated by your Admin.

Activities: Archived and Past Activities, Activity Timeline Filters, and Task Reminders

Now you can view, filter all past and archived activities:

  • Use Task reminders to never forget a Task
  • Notification Tray and icons remind you that there are things to do
  • All Activity History page provides a full view of Activities for all time

List Views: Customizations, Mass Inline Editing, and Text Wrapping

Columns in list views, search results, related lists etc. are now sized based on the length of the data within them. When you resize your screen, the columns adjust accordingly. You can also wrap text in list view columns.

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