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Quip Features - Post Dreamforce 2017

Quip Update Dreamforce 2017

In case anyone ever wonders, I have no inside track on products within Salesforce. If you need evidence then please refer to my previous post on Quip Features to see how wrong I got it.

I listed the features I'd love to see in Quip as;

  • Tags
  • Search to-do's across multiple documents
  • Better Salesforce Integration
  • Support for non-Quip documents
  • Ink

To some extent I asked for all the things I like in Evernote that aren't in Quip.

This is how wrong I got it.

Literally 24 hours after I posted the blog I noticed my Quip app had changed with a new option "Apps". Quip became a platform.

The Apps section of Quip is actually much more than a list of working apps. It's actually a buch of examples of what can be built in Quip. The Quip API has been opened which allows developers to build Apps using JavaScript then connect via the API. We (and other people) can now build our own apps in Quip and integrate to other solutions via the API. As the Quip website puts it, the Live Apps are;

  • Immediately collaborative – Live Apps automatically support real-time co-editing and comments.
  • Automatically mobile – Live Apps work on every device, whether you’re online or offline.
  • A world of new customers – Integrate any service with Quip and reach millions of people already on the Quip platform.

For more information please refer to the Salesforce Blog at;


And the Quip website at;


I still want the Evernote features that aren't in Quip. That said, as Salesforce/Java consultants and developers the proposition to quickly build apps directly in Quip is pretty compelling.

More to follow on this one.

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