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Salesforce Winter 18 Lightning Features

Salesforce Winter ’18 Features Winter ’18 is nearly here!  Take a look at a few of the exciting Lightning specific features being released.

Lightning Experience    

New Look and Feel

  • Less white space gives us more information on the page so less scrolling
  • Improved legibility (using font size and color) to draw attention to what’s most important
  • Change in contrast between background and foreground, makes it easier to scan and scroll
  • A background image has been added and splashes of colour (you can change them back to blue and grey by selecting Setup – Themes and Branding

Search Functionality

Two exciting new features are available in the instant results dropdown list:  

  • When a search gets no results because of a possible misspelling, Salesforce displays suggestions that match corrected spellings of the search term.
  • Only the record name is checked and it works for only one term, even when multiple terms are entered.
  • If multiple terms are misspelled, Salesforce corrects only the first misspelled term.

Find quick matches for contacts and opportunities by including the account name in their search term.

Lightning Report Builder (Beta)

The new Lightning Report Builder is here to stay. Whilst there aren’t any particularly new features in the Builder itself, but the general look, feel and responsiveness is a huge improvement.

You can now:

  • open reports up in Quip,
  • add Dashboard components for tables and add up to 10 columns,
  • embed Dashboards in Lightning App’s and your home page

Lightening Console Apps  

The Lightening Console has been enhanced.  You can now:

  • create Favourite pages, records, lists, groups and dashboards.  
  • Configure Navigation Rules in lighting which can automatically open related records, for example: when a user clicks a contact it can be opened as a subtab of the contact’s account record. o Show the Milestone status’ within the Console.
  • external documents can now be attached to cases, and admins can report on which external documents were attached

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