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Service Agents Cherry Picking?

If you’re a Service Desk Manager using Salesforce Service Cloud, then you’ll know all about cherry picking!

I was a Service Desk Manager myself for 11 years and I feel your pain.

So, I’m guessing that your Agents pick their work up from List Views allowing them to pick and choose which they work on.

So, what do you know about Omni-Channel?  Nothing, or never heard of it?

OK, well Salesforce released Omni-Channel in 2016, a great feature that routes not just Cases but Leads, SOS Video Calls, Social Posts, Chats, Orders and Custom Objects in real-time to Agents based on their access to specific queues, capacity and their availability.

In this Blog we’re going to look at Cases.

Oh, wow you say let me at it.

Omni-Channel is available for all editions it just needs configuring.

There is a sequence for setting up Omni-Channel:

  • Service Channel
  • Routing Configuration
  • Link Routing to Queue (create Queue if needed)
  • Create/Set Presence Status for Agents and make it available to them
  • Add Omni-Channel to a Console

Service Channels

Salesforce describe a Service Channel as:

‘Service Channels let you turn most Salesforce objects such as a case, lead, SOS session, or even a custom object into a work item. Omni-Channel then plucks these work items from their Queues—like flowers from the garden of agent productivity—and routes them to your agents in real time.’
Or you could think of it more like a container of items waiting for an Agent.

Routing Configurations

Omni-Channel needs to be told what to route and how to route it.  This is where you determine how the work is routed to the Agents.

You also set the Routing Priority here so, if this Configuration is say for High Priority cases then it would have a Routing Priority of 1. The most important work items are assigned first, then the oldest items are assigned.


The Units of Capacity on the Routing go towards determining where these Cases are routed.  If an Agents Capacity is 6, then a High Priority Case from this Routing would take 4 away from his Capacity leaving him with a Capacity of 2, meaning he couldn’t take on another High Priority routed Case until this one was off his case load.  We wouldn’t want to overload an Agent!!


Omni-Channel uses Queues to route the work.  Think of the Queue a bit like the Cupboard that stores the Containers until they are needed.  So, we need to link a Queue to a Routing Configuration, so that Omni-Channel knows which Queue to route the work to.


Presence Configuration and Presence Status

What the heck are these, where do Salesforce get these labels from??

So, these are all about the Agent.

Presence Configuration

Presence Configurations set how much work can be allocated to Agents.  You can have multiple configurations for different groups of Agents. 


You can also allow them to decline the work item.  You can also set the Configuration to automatically accept requests which will stop Agents declining the work item and banish cherry picking.

Presence Status

These show if an Agent is available to receive Work Items or is Busy or Away.  OK, I know what you’re going to say, can’t an Agent put their status to busy or away even when they’re not?  Yes, they can, but with Omni-Channel you can report on Available, Away and Busy times against Work items assigned, so you get a better insight into exactly what is happening.

You can create Status’ that have one or more work item channels such as, Web Support which could include, emails and Live Chat.


Presence Status’s can be added via Profiles or you can create Permission sets and assign them that way.

Right so the last thing we need to do is add the Omni-Channel to the Console.

The widget will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the console.  It allows Agents to change their Status and see their incoming Work Items.

presence status console.png

So, there you go, a quick look at Omni-Channel.  Look out for the next Blog where l’ll be looking at Omni-Channel Supervisor and the Reporting side of Omni-Channel.

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