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Service Desk Management Insights

Wouldn’t it be great if Call Centre Managers’ and Supervisors had somewhere to go to get a realistic view of what’s going on with their Agents? 

We all know how difficult it is to manage a Call Centre or Service Desk and at the end of the day you’re being measured on performance and customer satisfaction.

Source: callcentercomics.com

Source: callcentercomics.com

Well, hang on to your hats, Omni-Channel Supervisor is here.

Omni-Channel Supervisor works alongside Omni-Channel and gives Managers and Supervisors real-time insights into what is going on such as:

  • waiting times;
  • open work items;
  • queue assignments;
  • time an Agent has spent in a Presence Status;
  • time since last login.

You can drill down into specific work items, Agents or queues to get more detail.

supervisor view.png

You don’t even have to refresh to pull new data it updates continuously itself.   But it has a lot more to offer than just that.

It can also allow managers to access historical and future trends and projections.

As every Manager/Supervisor will want to see something different, Salesforce have gone with the ‘no one size fits all’ approach and, provided 3 different Tabs:

Agent Tab

Here you can see which Agents are currently working, busy or available for work.   You can also see which Queues they are assigned to and what Work Capacity they are running at.  It will also show you how long they’ve been logged in and when the last work item was accepted by them.

You can view All Agents, which shows you:

  • Availability;
  • Capabilities;
  • Capacity;
  • Workload.

This gives you an overall picture of your Agents and how they are performing.

Wow, job done I hear you say.

Hang on what happens if you find an Agent who has been on Away for an extended time, but you know they have been at their desk, wouldn’t it be good to be able to change their Presence Status?  From here as a Manager you can!  What could be better than changing the Presence Status of an Agent whose been Away for an extended period when you can see them at their desk on Facebook.

agents tab.JPG

Select an Agent’s name to see more Details and their Timeline which give you detail on the Agent’s activity and timestamps.  Their Timeline displays a calendar view which shows status changes and work.

agent view.JPG

Agents by Queue

Shows activity in your Queues, such as:

  • How many Agents are assigned to each queue;
  • How many are online, away or busy.

This information can help you to plan resources allocation to cover peaks and troughs.


Queues Tab

As Supervisors you always need to assess what the backlog is, and the Queues Tab is where you can do this.  Here you will see flow of the work through the Queues to the Agents allowing reallocation of resources if required.


Drilling down into the Queues you will see the configuration, availability of Agents, wait times and work items.


Work Tab

All Work Items reside in the Work Tab.  The Work Summary View gives a breakdown of what’s in the Queues.


As before you can drill down into any of these by clicking on any Queue to see the Work detail.

So, let’s have a look at what reports we can get out of Salesforce.

OK, you’ve got all the data you need but, as it’s in real-time it’s changing constantly and, you can’t be looking at the screen all the time, so to make sure nothing gets missed I suggest creating a custom report type using Agent Work as the Primary Object.  You don’t need to add any relationship objects.

This will then allow you to report on Assign DateActive TimeHandle TimeSpeed To AnswerDecline DateDecline Reason etc.

Building the reports up and creating Dashboard like the example below.


So, do you want to get a real-time insight into your Service Offering or is it a can of worms too far?


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