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Why would I want to split my Opportunity Revenue?

How do you handle Sales Reps and their revenue?  Are they reluctant to share?

How do you handle Pipeline reporting when you have multiple Sales Reps working on the same deal?

How do your Salespeople manage their Quotas?

What do you know about Opportunity Teams and Revenue Splitting?

So, Opportunity Teams are a group of people working on an Opportunity each with an individual role. 

OK, so how do I set them up?

Go into Setup – Opportunity Teams – Select Opportunity Team Settings

oppteam settings.JPG

Select Enable Team Selling and select Save

enable teams.JPG

Add the Related List to the Page Layout and select Save.


Got it, what about Opportunity Splits

Revenue splitting lets you share the revenue of an Opportunity with the Opportunity Team members.

There are two types of Splits:

Revenue – Lets you share revenue between Opportunity Team members.

Overlay – Allows you to give credit to supporting team members, for this you can use Splits that total over 100%.

Go to Setup – Opportunity Splits – Settings.

opp split settings.JPG

Select Setup Opportunity Splits


Select which Split type(s) you require and select Save.  Select Enable on the Warning popup.

Select which Page Layouts you want to add the Related List to and select Save.


If you go back to an Opportunity you will see that there are two new Related Lists, Opportunity Teams and Opportunity Splits.


From these lists you can add new Team Members and new Revenue Splits.

New Team Members


Members can have Roles within the Team and access can be Read only or Read/Write.

Revenue Splits


New Splits can be added with a % of the revenue split (make sure the Total % = 100%.

An Overlay split can take the % over 100%


Great so where can I get an overview of what this looks like?

When you activate Opportunity Teams and Opportunity Splits, Salesforce will add some new report options.


However, if these don’t give you what you need you can always create a new Report Type.

I created a custom Report Type using Opportunities and Opportunity Split Objects which gives me the following report:


If you’re using Collaborative Forecasts within Salesforce then you can incorporate the Opportunity Splits within this.  Details on how to set up Collaborative Forecasting can be found here.

You will need to configure an Opportunity Revenue Splits forecast type from Setup – Customise – Forecasts – Settings  Select  Add another forecast type and select Opportunity Revenue Splits.


Select the columns you want to display in the Opportunities Related List.


Repeat the process for Overlay Splits.

Now when you go to the Forecasts Tab you should have a Revenue Splits and Overlay Splits options in the dropdown of Forecast Type.


If you select a period, you will see all the Opportunities with a close date within that period owned by you and people within your team.  If you notice below the Split column will show 100%, the one without a Split will display a -.


If you select the Split it will give you details of the Split breakdown.


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