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Salesforce and Microsoft Technology Specialists

We design, build and implement solutions that deliver tangible business benefit. Our deep understanding of business process and technology means we're uniquely placed to deliver outstanding business benefits.

CommerceWorks is a technology consulting company that has been active since 2008. Formed by experienced technology consultants with a desire to help customers use technology to improve their business processes. Our aim is to make a tangible difference to our customers business through the deployment of Salesforce and Microsoft technologies. 

We use Agile Development methodologies that deliver benefits in many incremental steps, rather than one long fought go-live. Our core philosophy is to use market leading technologies for quick customer success, with a strong emphasis on customer service and the skillset of our consultants. While our clients are global, we have offices in the UK and the US.

Why work with Commerceworks?

  • Passionate about our customers
  • We love solving problems
  • We're experts at what we do
  • We're nimble and efficient
  • Friendly and collaborative
  • Up to date

Management Team


Kevin Doyle | Chairman

Experienced Private Equity investment specialist with a focus on accelerated growth, Kevin is responsible for setting and guiding objectives of Commerceworks to becoming a leading provider . With expertise across a broad range of technologies and industries Kevin has helped numerous businesses grow and achieve their strategic objectives.


Andy Clark | managing director

Experienced ERP and CRM sales leader with 15 years at Unisys, SAP and Microsoft, Andy is responsible for management of Commerceworks. With experience across a broad range of industries, Andy has specific experience in growth of ERP/CRM services organisations.


Robert Hueting | Technology director

With 20 years development experience Rob has worked across a broad range of technologies and industries. An astute Technical Architect, Rob is responsible for setting Commerceworks' technology strategies to ensure customer requirements are met with efficiency and reliability. 


Virginia Filmer-Sankey | Operations director

During the past 15 years Virginia has worked extensively high growth and private equity led start-ups to achieve maximum growth. For Commerceworks, Virginia is responsible for finance and operations, ensuring the wheels continue to turn smoothly. 

☏ 01494 590428 | ✉ hello@commerceworks.net