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Refreshingly simple Salesforce managed service plans

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Our Salesforce Managed Service Plans are refreshingly simple...

  • You get a discount for consuming more hours
  • You can move between support plans with 30 days notice - up and down!

*Initial response SLA times based on working hours Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.30 excluding standard UK holidays.

Plans based on a 12 month contract.

Please contact us if you need over 30 hours /month.

Call 01494 590428 / Email andy.clark@commerceworks.net

Tier 1 Services

  • User set up and de-activation (including internal, Community and Chatter)
  • Creation and update of Salesforce security functionality including Roles, Profiles and Hierarchy
  • Customisation of standard object layouts 
  • Creation and customisation of standard object fields
  • Creation, modification and deletion of custom objects, fields and layouts
  • Creation, modification and deletion of page layouts and record types
  • Creation and modification of custom buttons and links
  • Creation and modification of rules and triggers
  • Price Book creation and updates 
  • Workflow, creation, update and deletion 
  • Report creation
  • Custom Report type creation and modification
  • Creation and modification of formula fields and validation rules 
  • Territory Rules, hierarchy and assignment, creation and updates 
  • Communication template and letterhead creation and modification 
  • Mass creation, update, deletion and transfer of contacts 
  • Creation and update of sharing rules 
  • Management of field accessibility 
  • Management of password policies 
  • Management of session settings 
  • Group wide chatter management
  • Creation and modification for search settings 
  • Creation and update of mobile configurations

Tier 2 Services (additional to tier 1)

  • Apex code, VisualForce and integration support.
  • Proactive system evaluation and monthly review meetings

☏ 01494 590428 | ✉ hello@commerceworks.net