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Charitable Foundations

How we can help you measure Impact

Foundations and trusts make significant contributions to the wellbeing of UK society. According to the Association of Charitable Foundations report “Giving Trends 2017” spending from charitable foundations in the UK is estimated at £6.5bn with $2.9bn from the top 300 foundations.

High on the agenda of all foundations is how to measure the impact from their grants. Donors and corporations start with support of a particular cause their selection of charity is often based on the evidence of that organisation's ability to efficiently convert cash to impact with evidence of that impact.

Impact therefore, has never been so important.

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But, it's measurement can be challenging. The effect on often complex key social issues is difficult to measure and to track. Ever more complex Excel spreadsheets can be cumbersome and often inaccurate so more sophisticated tools are being employed to provide better support for the funding process, with a focus on measurement of impact.

Commerceworks have been working with St John's Foundation est. 1174 on the the use of Salesforce to support the funding process from application through grant to the measurement of impact.

Louise Harvey, Director of Funding and Impact for St John's commented:

“The implementation of Salesforce has enabled us to offer a better service to the communities that rely on our support. Our core processes of funding through to monitoring and evaluation has been completely automated which enables us to work far more efficiently. As we now have a real-time dashboard of all metrics we have real-time understanding of how our work is impacting the local communities.”

The Salesforce implementation allows St John's to;

  • Provide a highly secure online portal for charities to enter funding applications for individuals and organisations
  • Understand the key social issues funding applications are targetting
  • Streamlined processing of funding applications
  • Setting and management of budgets throughout the funding year
  • Up to date reports and dashboards for continual monitoring of progress
  • Automated SurveyMonkey emails for monitoring and evaluation surveys

Salesforce has a strong foothold in the not-for-profit market and through Salesforce.org offer excellent benefits to registered charities through free and significantly discounted licensing.

Commerceworks are Registered Salesforce partners with Salesforce certified experienced consultants.

We'd like to offer UK foundations with annual grant spend of over £500,000 a free consultancy to understand your needs to provide a report of how Salesforce can benefit you, like it's benefited St John's Foundation.

The St John's Foundation case study can be read here.

For more information on St John's please visit www.stjohnsbath.org.uk

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