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Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Strategy


A strong strategy is an essential foundation for a successful Salesforce project. It’s also a pre-requisite, it sets direction and purpose. Without a Salesforce strategy how do you know what success looks like?

We work with your team to understand your business strategy and what you want to achieve from a Salesforce implementation. Then we help you link the two with strategic project plan that describes your business objectives, organisation and metrics for success for your Salesforce project. This becomes our foundation for the rest of the project, all questions get answered against the strategy for the project and all aspects of the project will be designed to deliver the benefits described in the strategy.

Salesforce Implementation


Commerceworks can manage your entire Salesforce implementation project from start to end. We use Salesforce recommended standard project management methodologies and stages in addition to Agile development methodologies. The difference with using Agile is delivering business benefit quickly during the implementation process. Instead of having a long project implementation process we break the project into many smaller stages that deliver business benefit in fast incremental stages. You get to understand how your business reacts to the changes in process and technology which helps make subsequent project stages more successful. The process is evolutionary and adaptive to your business and self-correcting over time.

Successful projects come from a thorough planning and organisation of resources with frequent communication to ensure everyone knows what they need to do and what’s expected of them. From the smallest to the largest projects these techniques have been proven to deliver tangible business benefit. Sure, there’ll be bumps in the road but experience, knowledge and solid organisation means we’ll quickly work through them.



Salesforce development

Development is a common aspect of a Salesforce implementation. Whether you ‘re looking to automate a business process, build your own screens or a new application, Salesforce has a completely integrated development environment to make the process efficient, allowing you to personalise the application to suit your business, not the other way around. Our developers have years of experience of using a variety of development environments to solve complex business process challenges. Applications rarely live in their own bubbles so our breadth of experience means we’re able to make sure Salesforce works seamlessly with the other applications that your business relies on.

Salesforce Training


Training is the essential part of the implementation process that ensures your users understand how they need to use Salesforce. to help manage project costs we generally work on a train-the-trainer model which means we train your power users who then train your end users. This means your Salesforce expertese is in-house.

We can also manage end-user training programs. Our consultants have wide business backgrounds allowing us to deliver training using vocabulary that suits your organisation and more importantly, your users.

As part of our Salesforce Re-boot program we are able to develop and deliver training courses for existing Salesforce users who need to refresh their systems and provide a new stimulus to their users.


Data Migration

Salesforce implementations rarely occur in fresh green fields, there’s always data to load from an email platform, spreadsheet, ERP and another CRM system. We’ll work with you to identify the correct data to populate your Salesforce implementation, extract it and load it into Salesforce. Throughout the process we’ll help cleanse the data, finding the duplicates and incorrect data so your users don’t need to wade through data that inhibits them from doing their job efficiently. As part of the system design we’ll implement methods to help maintain data to the highest standards, making reporting accurate and users productive.


Salesforce Integration

Salesforce implementations rarely live in a bubble. Whether you want to link to a finance, product or inventory system we will build that integration for you so multiple applications work as a single system. This stops the need for multiple Excel spreadsheets or bespoke Access databases to help your users make sense of disparate data streams from multiple systems. All data will reside in the correct system, properly maintained and backed-up leaving users free to work productively without relying on copy and paste commands.


☏ 01494 590428 | ✉ hello@commerceworks.net